Surnames per place from baptisms in Coldingham parish, 1750-1759

Here is a list of surnames (generally fathers’ surnames) recorded for families having children born at Coldingham parish between 1750 and 1759, sorted by place of residence. This list is based on about 500 baptisms during this period.

Auchincrow: Adamson, Anderson, Bogue, Bonnar, Bookless, Burns, Cairns, Carter, Cockburn, Fair, Fife, Galbreath, Greenfield, Hogue, Laury, Millar, Purves, Renton, Waldie, Wallace
Aytone: Orknay/Orkney
Bie edge: Bogue, Bookless, Scot, Winram
Biepark: Downey/Downie, Hague/Hogue
Blackhill: Cairns, Fife, Lumsden
Blackpotts: Anderson, Scot
Bogan green: Smith
Broadmeadow: Landells
Coall mill: Home
Coldinghame: Aikman, Allan, Allanshaw, Anderson, Blair, Collin, Craig, Darling, Dickson, Downie, Dumbar/Dunbar, Dun, Edingtone, Erskine, Fair, Foreman, Forrester, Fultone, Gellie, Grahame, Grant, Grieve, Haigs, Happer, Johnston, King, Lumsden, Manderstone, Manuel, Mathew, McDougall, Meggat, Moffat, Noyse, Paterson, Paxton, Pea, Polwort, Purves, Richardson, Robertson, Rochhead, Ronald, Rualle/Ruel, Shireff, Smith, Spouse, Stannes, Steel, Tait, Wallace, Walters, Watson, Wight, Wilson, Wood, Young
Dovelaw: Bogue, Bookless, Downy, Hill, Huntley, Mackdougall, Paterson, Rentone, Simpson, Wilson, Wright
Dryden: Purves, Scot
East Bruckles: Alexander, Cairns, Smith, Todd, Uterson
East Press: Brown
East Restone: Brown, Davidson, Dewar, Fair, Fife, Fultone, Grant, Home, Lyell, Paterson, Petrie, Philp, Purves, Uterson
Floors: Cockburn, Swanston
Goathead: Todrig
Goukhall: Purves
Greenhead: France, Home
Greenwood: Christison, Haistie, Inglis, Turnbull
Hairlawside: Inglis
Hallcroft: Fife
Hallydown: Carter, Home, Moffat, Weatherly, Wright
Heughhead: Greenfield, Neill, Rentone
Hillend: Lauder, Pringle, Whitehead
Hornend: Ker
Horsley: Alexander, Braidie/Brodie, Forrester, Inglis, Liddell
Houndwood: Cadrie, Cow, Fair, Forster, Foular, Home, Ker, Paterson, Shaw, Taylor, Turnbull
Howburn: Wilson
Howburn Mill: Adamson, Brownfield, Hay, Wilson
Howpark: Haistie, Rankine
Lamenden: Nisbet
Lumsden: Bartrem, Bookless, Dickson, Gray, Johnston, Robertson, Simpson, Watson
Mosspath: Purvess
Muirburn: Fowlar, Hill, Paterson
Muirside: Thubborn, Young
Netherbyre: Martine
Newtoun: Paterson
Newtoun of Dovelaw: Liddell
Northfield: Anderson, Bookless, Cow, Cow, Craig, Darling, Gaie, Hall, Home, Johnston, Martine, Paterson, Paxton, Scot, Swanston, Turnbull, Weatherly
Rentone: Blackadder, Bookless, Craicke, Dewar, Douglas, Edingtone, Foord, Gray, Inglis, Maben, Millar, Ross, Simpson, Weatherstones, White, Whitehead
Restone: Hay, Howlistone
Restone Mill: Hay
Swansfield: Fair
Swinwood: Allanshaw, Dods, Fife, Ker, Marischall
Swinwood mill: Dods, Paterson
Templehall: Ramsay
the Law: Fife, Foreman, Landells, Mathew, Wilson
the Loan: Atchison, Landells, Paterson
the Loch: Bookless, Douglas
the Press: Bookless, Brown, Heriot, Moffat, Paterson, Whitehead
the Sands: Fultone
the Steel: Downey, Scot
West Bruckles: Christison, Edingtone, Fife, Foular
West Press: Bartrem
West Reston mill: Wallace
West Restone: Adamson, Alison, Atchison, Burk, Dewar, Fair, France, Gardiner, Hay, Hill, Hood, Kay, Ker, Lauder, Mackie, Martine, Millar, Moffat, Park, Paterson, Purves, Scot, Smith, Tendall, Wallace, Wilson
Wester Loch: Douglas
Wester Walk mill of West Restone: France
Westerside: Bookless
Whitecross: Marishall
Whitefield: Hay, Hogg, Home, Scougall

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