Coldingham mortcloth index, 1694-1759

My Index to Coldingham Mortcloth Records, 1694-1759 was published in 1998. Mortcloths were hired out by the kirk session to cover a coffin, and the mortcloth index for Coldingham parish in Berwickshire covers almost 4000 burials. The index entries give the name of the deceased person, where he or she was living, and extra details such as if a child, a woman dying in childbirth or a stranger to the area. Causes of death are often indicated, such as people falling from rocks or drowning by swimming. The ages of older people are often given and occupations are a common extra piece of information. All entries include the microfilm frame numbers, allowing readers to use the index in conjunction with a microfilm copy of the parish registers and quickly locate any entry from the index. This index is 57 pages long, in A4 format.

I am happy to do free lookups in this index. Please contact me with details of the names you are looking for.

Alternatively the mortcloth index can be purchased. It is not in print any more, but is still for sale in PDF format for 6 pounds, delivered by email.

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