Masters and apprentices at Coldingham, 1779-1804

This is a list of masters and apprentices in Coldingham parish between 1779 and 1804. The list is chronological, and each line has name of master, name of apprentice, the address, date of payment of the apprenticeship dues, and the trade involved. This list was derived from the newly digitised apprenticeship records available online at The original records, which cover the UK between 1710 and 1811, are held at The National Archives at Kew in Surrey.

The list may not be complete for Coldingham parish, because I had to search separately for references to specific addresses within the parish, like Coldingham itself, as well as other settlements. All of these place names can be spelled in a variety of different ways. And then I checked the original document images to check names had been transcribed correctly (often not) and to note any additional details recorded like trade and any relatives. The list includes 42 names of masters and apprentices, some of the masters appearing multiple times.

Master’s Name Apprentice Name Location Payment Date Trade
George Turnbull Joseph Birnet Coldingham 1779 Jun 26 Cooper
Jas Douglas Peter Mack Renton, Scotland 1781 Feb 7 Smith
Robert Spence Alexander Allan Coldingham in Scotland 1781 Jul 19 Weaver
Robert Spence Wm Bookless Coldingham in Scotland 1782 Feb 28 Weaver
Robert Spence James Cow Coldingham in Scotland 1783 Jan 29 Weaver
Robt Ludgate Robt Thompson Coldingham 1785 Mar 9 Shoemaker
Alxr Purves Jas Pillmir Reston 1796 Jul 21 Wright
John Waldy Geo Hewit Auchincrow 1795 Jun 8 Taylor
Geo Nisbet Thos Mills Auchincrow 1798 Jan 3 Wright
Peter Grant Jas Prowes Coldingham 1798 Jan 31 Wright
Thos Lesslie Alan Spark Coldinham 1798 Jun 16 Cooper
John Blair John Fulton Coldingham 1798 Nov 1 Shoe-Maker
Peter Pae John Johnson Coldingham 1799 Nov 2 Merchant
David Edington John Whithead Coldingham 1799 Nov 19 Shoe-Maker
Alexander Purves Geo: Hume Reston 1800 Mar 4 Wright
Alexr Wallice Jas Bonner Reston 1800 May 31 Wright
John Blair John Rutherford Coldingham 1801 Jul 15 Shoemaker
Jas Greenfield Thos Hay Coldingham 1801 Dec 9 Baker
Thos Brown Wm Wigton Coldinghamlaw 1803 Jul 2 Smith
Peter Hogg Jas Harkess Coldingham 1804 Apr 13 Mason
Alex Purves Jas Cassy West Reston 1804 Dec 16 Wright
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