Goals for Coldingham one-place study in 2013

As we near the end of another year and approach the start of a new one I thought I’d blog about my goals for this blog and the related one-place study for the year ahead.

A priority is to transcribe and put online the hearth tax information from the 1690s. I have digital images of this record, and just have to work through it and transcribe it. That would give equivalent information to what I’ve already put online for Melrose.

Another priority is to digitise the various 18th century tax record references I have already extracted from the relevant original records. This won’t take very much effort: just needs me to be organised and get on with it.

And the other thing I want to push ahead with is to resume working through the later 18th century kirk session minutes, noting references to illegitimate births, irrregular marriages, and other potentially useful things for genealogists.

Longer-term I want to start to reconstitute the population, but that’s a long-term goal. For now I am focusing on putting useful indexes and other resources online.

Author: vivdunstan

Academic historian, genealogist, former computer scientist, and Doctor Who fan.

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