Index of baptism witnesses at Coldingham 1800-1819

In the late 1990s for a university project I transcribed and studied Coldingham’s baptisms between 1800 and 1819, examining the relationship between witnesses (similar to godparents) and factors such as relationship to parents, occupation, and geographical location.

I’ve just put online an index of witnesses derived from the database I built for this research. This contains the names of 2264 witnesses (many individuals recorded multiple times), together with, where recorded, their occupations and addresses.

Also included is the date of the baptism each witness was recorded for. This can be used to look up the baptism in the parish registers, when looking through them page by page, for example in a microfilm copy. Alternatively I am happy to look up specific witness details in my database, discovering which family the person was witness to. Email me through the contact details in the one-place study webpage.

Author: vivdunstan

Academic historian, genealogist, former computer scientist, and Doctor Who fan.

2 thoughts on “Index of baptism witnesses at Coldingham 1800-1819”

  1. Thank you for providing this information online. I found a number of my ancestors listed in your Index of Witnesses. It makes them just a little bit more real!


  2. Thank you for all your hard work pitting this on line. I was able to find James Cairns who is in the family tree I am researching and from Scotland’s people I knew he was a shepherd. This has confirmed my findings. We now hope to visit Coldingham to see if we can find anything else. We would like to know whose christenings James was witness to and any other info we can add.
    Thank you


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